"The front facing screen is brilliant - you know you're being recorded when you can see yourself on a screen. The cameras are fantastic value for money. If you want the best, then you pay for the best, but there are other cameras out there where you pay a similar price but get half the product. "

Colin Green, Southern Rail

"What an awesome piece of kit, easy to use and even some of the IT shy officers are saying how simple it is."

Romsey Police, UK

"We approached Reveal Media as we were looking for a product to protect our parking attendants from any abuse, something effective and simple to use. Reveal introduced us to the RS3 SX Body Worn Camera Solution. After purchasing the product and trialling it at one of our car parks we found that it significantly reduced the cases of abuse and aggression and at the same time providing a safer working environment for our attendants. We would highly recommend Reveal Media to anyone working in the parking industry. This product is an effective visual deterrent against abuse, easy to operate and securely records events should we need to use later on. We have just ordered more cameras!"

Lena Mistry, Napier Parking Ltd

"After unsuccessfully trying other systems Reveal Media’s camera was found to be both more user friendly as well as significantly more reliable than other systems. In addition to the excellent durability, and quality of the equipment, the on-going support from Reveal Media is second to none. Our cameras have been used every day for over 18 months and our Officers tell me on a regular basis that they would hate to be without them."

Marc Wain, Secure Force

"I want to express my sincere thanks for the on-going technical support given by your company. The after sales support has been nothing but excellent. Your staff are a real credit to Reveal Media."

Anthony Lewis-Webber, The Metropolitan Police

"The introduction of the camera has seen a marked decline in confrontations between detainees and officers. Anyone who works directly with the public, would be doing themselves a huge injustice in not investing in these cameras."

John Connolly, UK Immigration Removal Services

"The cameras have performed to our expectations - and beyond."

Officer James Boyd, Washington Park Police, USA

"We have other body worn video suppliers. And so have other police departments round here. We’re the only ones using Reveal. And we’re the only ones who are happy!"

Officer John Pedjac, City of Clare Police, USA

"Thank you again for your efficiency and promptness with your replies and the units turn around. For your info, they are much better and more Officer friendly so well done. "

Andy Harwood, Sussex Police, UK